RVG can provide Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs solutions for your company.


Bespoke Pharmacovigilance Support

RVG provide you end to end Pharmacovigilance service. We can also provide tailored services based on your needs.

Quality Service

We ensure that we deliver highest possible quality service to our clients.

Skills And Experience

We have pool of consultants who are highly skilled and experienced to support your project.

Fulfill A Demanding Timeline

We strive to provide on time delivery of your services. We work very hard to your timelines adhering to regulatory requirements.

The Numbers
of Services

Pharmacovigilance Services

We offer a full suite of pharmacovigilance services, helping clients around the world to be complaint and improve patient safety.

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Regulatory services

Our services are equipped to handle unique regulation challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, from New Product Support to Life Cycle Management. We manage regulatory needs throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

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Satisfied Customers


RVG Solutions are our first choice when it comes to hiring staff in the life sciences sector. They have proven that they can deliver the highest quality and consult on the toughest of job briefs, where their competitors have not been able to.


We have only recently starting working with RVG Solutions and have been very positive with the experience thus far. RVG Solutions Partners understood the brief very well, and all candidates who have been put forward not only met the brief, but also had a thorough screening by RVG Solution-Partners for fit and calibre.


We are specialists in some Areas

Patient Safety

Our team can deliver comprehensive patient safety solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Our expert consulting team offers a range of services, from strategy and transformation to process optimization and benefit-risk management.


If you choose to establish a QPPV who resides and operates in the EU/EEA, you must nominate a national contact person for pharmacovigilance who resides and operates in the UK and reports to the QPPV. We have highly experienced LPPV and Deputy LPPV who can support your UK licenses.


For all UK national MAs, including those that cover the whole of the UK or are specific to Northern Ireland or to Great Britain, the MAH must maintain, and make available upon request of the MHRA, a PSMF that describes the pharmacovigilance system for UK authorised products (‘the UK PSMF’).

Regulatory Affairs

We guide and assist pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies in the design and implementation of innovative and global regulatory strategies in order to expedite product development and registration of drugs, biologics, medical devices, combination products, and other healthcare products for all stages of development.


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