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RVG Solutions is full service Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs Consultancy helping Marketing Authorization Holders and Sponsors of Clinical Trials get there medicines to market faster and safeguard patients.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure our customers remain compliant with local, regional and global regulatory requirements and guidelines

At RVG Solution, we provide our client Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory services at affordable rates.

Benefits of choosing us:

We provide full service or selected services based on your needs with affordable rates. We have highly experienced consultants who can provide you great quality of work. We are flexible and can adapt to client’s needs.

On time delivery:

We strive to provide on time delivery of your services. MAHs have obligation to meet certain deadlines and we understand the importance of these timelines on your business. We work very hard to your timelines adhering to regulatory requirements.

Experienced consultants:

We have seasoned industrial experts on our panel who can provide support on all levels. Our experienced consultants will also keep you up to date on progress of your project.Flexible, reliable, and committed

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